Massage Therapy Techniques that are All the Rage

11 Apr

Apart from proven healing and restorative properties, massage therapy comes highly recommended as a method of relaxation. When talking of the health attributes of massage therapy Grande Prairie, you will be spoilt for choice by the sheer vital aspects in store for you. Just to mention but a few, massage increases metabolism in the body and boosts the workings of the lymphatic and circulatory systems. But let's face it; with so many massage techniques to choose from, it can be pretty overwhelming. To shed more light on this issue, the following massage techniques have been highlighted.

You cannot mention massage and fail to outline Swedish massage therapy and what it entails. This is a full body massage that can last from 1 to 2 hours. It incorporates deep circular motions, kneading, vibration and tapping among a host of other techniques. It is highly recommended for managing minor pain. This technique is appropriate if you are recovering from injury, new to massage, if you are extremely sensitive to touch, or if you have lots of tension.

Another well-loved massage technique is hot stone massage. Similar to Swedish massage but in this case hot stones are used instead of hands. Basalt (a volcanic rock that has amazing heat retaining properties) is heated and then placed and gently massaged on specific places on the body. This method is guaranteed to provide relaxation, ease muscular tension, improve blood flow, relieve pain, and reduce stress among other factors.

If you are hell-bent on incorporating an emotional healing aspect to the massage session, aromatherapy is just what the doctor ordered. This entails full body massage with scented plant oils or essential oils. These oils are renowned for their pleasant and alluring aroma, plus healing properties. Most importantly, the soothing properties of essential oils give relief to headaches, some digestive ailments, insomnia, and back pains. It is vital to avoid using essential oils that you might be allergic to.

People suffering from chronic muscular problems will swear on the importance of deep tissue massage. Though similar to Swedish massage in some aspects, this technique applies more pressure concentrating on muscle knots referred to as adhesions. This method uses deliberate slow strokes and deep finger pressure to go deep and relieve tension in the deepest muscle layer and connective tissues. Word of caution though; if you are averse to extreme pressure, give this technique a wide berth.

Do you know that some tightness in some specific muscular tissues can cause pain in other body parts? These specific muscle tissues are known as trigger points and this is where trigger point massage comes in to provide relief. This method focuses on releasing trigger points by using both wide flowing strokes and combined with stronger, deeper pressure. This procedure is highly recommended for relieving chronic muscle pain. There you go! You are now wiser and more knowledgeable regarding massage techniques. Check this site  to get more info.

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